County of Riverside Home Beautification Program:

NHSIE is currently working with the County of Riverside (EDA) preparing scopes of work for qualifying property owners in select cities in Riverside County.  (Click here for more information)

NHSIE'S ACHIEVE Emergency Home Repair Program:

The program is intended to assist low income homeowners remediate pressing health, safety and accessibility issues. NHSIE performs an initial inspection, prepares a scope of work and provides education through our Homes and Hammers class. Upon completion of the class and selection of a State licensed contractor, NHSIE provides a $5000 zero interest forgivable loan to the homeowner to oversee repair completion. (Click here for more information)


NHSIE strives to help our community in as many ways possible. We rely on generous donations from organizations and individuals to continue our mission.  If you ar einterested in donating a home contact Robert Houts at Robert.Houts@nhsie.org or 909-963-5222 or Redevelopment Manager, Diana Sanchez at Diana.Sanchez@nhsie.org or 909-963-0658 for more information.  Sponsors can be sure that donations go towards transforming local communities.