Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Our volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of community members and industry professionals and is tasked with overseeing the strategic direction and financial management of NHSIE.

We are seeking candidates with a strong interest in the work that we do and share our values and priorities surrounding housing and neighborhood stability. Candidates who:

  • Have an understanding of our community and its needs
  • Possess a passion for our cause
  • Are willing to commit time for board meetings, committee meetings, planning sessions, and special events
  • Are team players who work well in a group
  • Listen well, are thoughtful in considering issues and are comfortable sharing their thoughts

 Key responsibilities include:

  • Consistent attendance at regular board meetings;
  • Participation as an active member on it least one committee;
  • Participation in the fund-raising activities of the organization in a manner appropriate for that board director; and
  • Preparation in advance before regular board meetings by reading and studying materials sent in advance regarding key actions the board is expected to take at the next meeting.

If you possess these qualities and believe that this opportunity may be a fit for you, please email Clarice Wilson at or (909) 884-6891 x245 for more information.

Board of Directors Application

Michael Gialluly
Board President
AVP/Relationship Manager
Pacific Premier Bank
Robert DeAcevedo
Board Vice President
FVP & CRA Officer
George A. De Lange, Jr.
Board Treasurer
Susan Cowan
Board Secretary
Quadrant Coordinator
Manheim Southern California Auto Auction
Rheanna Rodriguez
Board Member
VP, Fair and Responsible Lending Officer
First Foundation Bank
Jess Tirado
Board Member
Senior Vice President
Director - Local Government Relations
Government Relations and Public Policy
Wells Fargo
Sophie Dudley
Board Member
President, CEO
Just Sign
  Charlene Dixon
Board Member
Office Manager
W.C. Brown Welding, Inc.

Community Advisory Board

Jack Hill
Member Emeritus 
Leonard Davenport
Member Emeritus