Questions to Ask Your Realtor When Shopping for a Home

Searching for, locating, and purchasing a new home can be a very rewarding and exciting process. However, at times the process can also be equally stressful. To curb some of this stress you will want to team up with and utilize a professional realtor. This realtor will not only help you navigate the different steps of purchasing your desired home, but professional realtors are also a great resource to field questions and elevate concerns. During the home shopping process, there are several questions you should make sure to ask your realtor. The most vital of these questions are explored in more detail below.

Do You Know of a Trusted Realtor?

No, this isn't a question to ask your realtor once you have begun the home buying process, but it is a question you can ask your friends and family. Likely someone in your inner circle is either close friends with a realtor or has previously worked alongside a realtor to close on a home.

Start by calling and conducting a small interview on any recommended realtors asking them how long they have been a licensed realtor, how many transactions they do a year, and what cities or communities do they know well. It is recommended to interview three different realtors and then move forward with the realtor who works best for you and your family.

It can be a stressful journey so you want to work with professionals who are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and communicate well.  If your friends and family are recommending a particular realtor then you will most likely trust them more than someone you found by default.

Why is the Owner Selling the Property?

This is an important question to ask your realtor because their answer can reveal if there are any immediate problems facing the home. Is the owner selling because they are taking a new job elsewhere, or are they simply looking to get rid of the property? Once you realize the owner’s motivations, you may be able to better determine if the property will be a good suit for you and your needs. While asking your realtor this question, you may also want to ask about the seller’s length of residency on the property.