Neighborhood Stabilization

Catalytic Neighborhood Stabilization – Central San Bernardino


Lights On! San Bernardino

A team of residents, business owners, City police officers and local nonprofits have collaborated to increase neighborhood connectedness, improve curb appeal and increase safety throughout San Bernardino. Lights On! San Bernardino is a campaign that promotes camaraderie between neighbors, and improves physical conditions in the community through activities such as tree trimming and the use of energy efficient lighting in multifamily units and single family homes in order to increase the safety in our neighborhood one street at a time.  

 The campaign is derived from an evidence-based practice known as CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) and the focus of Lights On! is to implement energy-efficient lighting in dark areas where there is high traffic and/or easy access points to homes. Most streets have inadequate lighting because of overgrown trees, broken lights or vandalism. The number of break-ins and crime are particularly high in areas where there is poor lighting such as on front stoop, street corners, and in trash can areas. Providing adequate lighting for homes with cost effective LED bulbs will lead to the reduction of the number of dark areas on streets where crime often occurs, and encourage residents to participate in a campaign that will help them feel safe. The success of the project requires resident buy-in and active participation and will result in stronger community connectedness. The resulting physical changes will serve to further the increased investment each neighbor has in his/her community.  


Designated streets are selected by evaluating the following:

    • Overgrown trees and shrubbery
    • Street lighting
    • Lighting on single-family/multifamily housing units
    • Foot traffic
    • Crime
    • The degree of existing community connectedness
    • This project would not have been possible without the partnership of the following:
    • City of San Bernardino - Code Enforcement and Police Department
    • Local resident leaders and the neighborhood association members
    • Property owners
    • Participating electrical contractor(s)
    • Institute for Public Strategies

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