Neighborhood Project

Muscupiabe Neighborhood/Davidson Neighborhood Project

Muscupiabe neighborhood is nestled between the triangular intersection of the 210 freeway and 215 freeway in San Bernardino City. A historic neighborhood, Muscupiabe’s entryway features large Pepper trees and medium size homes each possessing their own architectural character. The community consist of single family homes with residents ranging from young to elderly, living in the community for as little as a year to 50 years. Containing one elementary school, Davidson Elementary is a main attraction in the heart of the residential area. The community lies only a few blocks from Arrowhead Middle School and San Bernardino High School. Within the community there is a small retail area containing a local grocery store - Stater Bros. and Home Depot. Although this particular community does not possess the highest reports of crime, there is one of the most engaging neighborhood associations in the city. NHSIE is working with this neighborhood association to implement Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) to reduce crime throughout the community. Two strategies that are being implemented include screen doors or security doors installation and energy efficient dusk to dawn light for the front porch and entryway areas.

Muscupiabe Neighborhood Opportunities Strategies:

Screen Doors

NHSIE offers free screen doors and locks with $30 installation fee to homeowners and renters in the Muscupiabe neighborhood. Funds are limited so please don’t hesitate to call and apply or refer your neighbor.

Check out our Application and Disclosures here (PDF).

Lights On! - Muscupiabe

As a part of a larger initiative in San Bernardino, residents living on the south of the 27th St. and north of Highland Ave. on Muscupiabe Drive can apply to receive updated and energy efficient light installations or LED light bulbs that will light up the southern part of the street which is the entryway and artery to the community by foot or car.

For more information about this initiative or how to participate click here (PDF).