As our community grapples with the impacts of COVID, racial inequalities and social unrest in 2020, NHSIE’s continued collaboration with businesses, organizations, government agencies and individual citizens is more critical than ever. Together we have the opportunity to promote equity and inclusion and combat racism and injustice throughout our region by building financial literacy and promoting and preserving homeownership among Inland Empire residents.

But we need your help.

More people need NHSIE’s help than ever before. Calls to NHSIE from homeowners at risk of losing their homes has doubled from last year and are likely to continue to skyrocket. We ask for your help in meeting this increased need and supporting the well-being of our Inland Empire community.

Please start by sponsoring our virtual Catalyst for Equity campaign, which will launch through our website, e-newsletter and social media platforms on November 2nd, 2020. This campaign will feature and celebrate all of the sponsors and partners who are committed to advancing equity, especially in lending and housing markets where we are primarily focused. We want to celebrate the great work happening regionally and nationally and inspire engagement and action that makes wealth building and homeownership more accessible and achievable for minority and lower income families.

Below is a list of sponsorship levels, along with detail of what NHSIE can achieve with your financial support. Your sponsorship will be featured on our video and throughout our campaign communications. Plus, we will keep you apprised of the hundreds of additional Inland Empire residents we are able to help as a result of your support.

Please join the work of NHSIE and show your impact.


October 5th- Launch of campaign Catalyst for Equity

November 2nd- Launch of campaign which includes:

  • Weekly data sharing of impact and need in the Inland Empire via all social media platforms
  • Testimonials regarding the benefits of homeownership, education and advising
  • Sharing of resources and tools for housing
  • Campaign supporter testimonials responding to "How they have been a "Catalyst for Equity"

December 18th- last day to submit sponsorship for campaign.

January 6th- Release of video to all members

"WE ARE a Catalyst for Equity"

Step 1: Review the Campaign Chart and identify what level you as an individual or organization/company would like to support?

Step 2: Send support level funds

       Option 1) Make a check to Neighborhood Housing Services of the Inland Empire and mail to our office
                        Attention: Clarice Wilson
                        1845 Business Center Dr., Suite 120
                        San Bernardino, CA 92408
- Follow up with an email to informing her of 1). Support level 2). Point of Contact from Organization/Company 3). Your Logo

       Option 2) Electronic Payment through Square Space HERE
                       Type in support level amount and required information
- Follow up with an email to notifying her of 1). Support level 2). Point of Contact from Organization/Company 3). Your Logo