Subordination Instructions

Subordination Requirements

  • NHSIE lien position is maintained or improved;
  • Rate and term refinance;
  • New loan must be amortized for the entire period of the loan.  Negative amortization, balloon payments, or changes in payment are not allowed;
  • New lien must collect impounds to ensure that taxes and insurance will be paid in a timely manner;
  • Borrowers are required to attend NHSIE’s Refinance Workshop. The workshop is now offered as a webinar.  Please contact Maria Solis at or directly at 909-963-5211.



 Subordination fees apply.

New files are reviewed within 72 hours of receipt, missing documents are reviewed within 72 hours of receipt. 
Once approved, file is given to our notary to set up for signing and her processing time is 72 hours.


Release Form

Subordination Application and Checklist

Subordination Process