Save Your Home

Although foreclosures have had a severe economic impact on the Inland Empire, the most consequential impact has been a human one. The hardships of local homeowners are witnessed firsthand at NHSIE – relocation, dwindling bank accounts, declining health and family.

So how does NHSIE address foreclosure? By getting back to the basics through homeownership coaching.

Homeownership coaching has been proven to work. A recent study by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) showed that 69% of households who receive foreclosure prevention coaching obtain a mortgage remedy.

NHSIE’s highly trained housing advisors provide clients with an overview of all options related to delinquency and loss mitigation through one-on-one coaching and a foreclosure prevention class.

In cases where a modification is not possible, NHSIE facilitates a resolution that is appropriate to the homeowner’s situation.

Want to avoid foreclosure? Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact NHSIE right away at (909) 884-6891.

NHSIE is a one-stop-shop, providing answers and support to meet our clients' housing needs. As a non-profitour mission is to build great communities, one home at a time.