Youth Match Savings

NHSIE offers youth between the ages of 12-21 the opportunity to develop strong financial skills through our match-saving program. Participants attend a series of three wealth building workshops to become better prepared to reach their savings goals. They open a savings account at a selected banking partner and contribute $10 a month.

NHSIE matches the $10 for a total of 12 months allowing the participants to reach a minimum savings of $240 at the end of the 12-month program. For more information, please contact us at info@nhsie.org to find out about the next series of classes to start the Youth Match Savings program.

**We are currently out of funding for this program.  Please check back for updates!** 

Host a Workshop

Host a Workshop!

NHSIE offers the opportunity for local organizations to host a Wealth Building workshop for youth and adults who are interested in getting on the right path to building wealth and financial stability.

Workshops are only 1 hour long. A minimum of 15 participants is required to attend. Workshops are FREE. It’s easy to get started, simply contact us at 909-884-6891 or send an email to info@nhsie.org